New Fish Box for Dillingham Residents

Feb 21, 2013

Credit Dawn Endico /

Dillingham area residents will have a new tool to use to get rid of fish waste once the summer fishing season gets started.

During this month's Dillingham City Council meeting the City Administration reported that the new fish box will be ready for use this summer at the Dillingham Landfill. The box looks like a metal dumpster but it's specifically designed to discourage bears from getting into the waste. During this month's City Council meeting Councilman Keggie Tubbs addressed ways to discourage people from putting anything other than fish waste into the new container.

"If implementing a fine is part of a solution I would be in support of that. But I think part of the protocol we should look at is to penalize people who put personal trash in that fish box because that's not what it's intended for." 

Dillingham City Manager Rose Loera noted that the City will be developing protocols for use of the new fish box before it's placed at the landfill this summer.