More data cheaper: Nushagak Coop internet customers to get a price break Nov. 1

Oct 25, 2017

Utility coop for Dillingham-area customers will offer fewer packages but better rates for broadband internet provided by GCI. Gamers and binge watchers can go for the top end 100GB/mo now for $164.99.

Just in time for the winter TV-binge watching season, Nushagak Cooperative customers will see a drop in their broadband internet rates, and some large data packages may become more attractively priced.  

“We have a reduction in the number of packages, but we also have a reduction in the price, largely because of a reduction in the wholesale price from GCI," said Nushagak CEO Robert Himschoot. "Our goal is to maintain a competitive price point with other Western Alaska communities, and GCI responded to that request.”

Broadband internet packages will range from the low end of 5GB at 512Kps speeds for $47.91 a month to a Netflix-junkie's 100GB at 6Mbps for $164.99.  That’s just $4 more than the old 40GB per month package.

After broadband was first introduced, upon completion of the Terra project, Nushagak's internet customers were hammered by overage charges. In the first few months of fast-surfing freedom, some bills climbed into the thousands of dollars.

For most customers, faster speeds aren't as important as getting more data, said Himschoot, who spent decades working with GCI before taking over as Nushagak CEO.

“At some point speeds quits being a bottleneck. From the customer point of view between 4 Mbps or 6 Mbps, and if you get into an urban environment 25 Mbps or 100 Mbps, the perception of a qualitative difference goes away. So it really becomes about network access, which is throughput.”

The changes go into effect on November 1.

Current 40 gig a month customers can keep their plan for now; those using the 10 and 60 gig plans will be moved to the next highest plan.

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