Missing Dillingham woman found safe

Jul 19, 2018

Nancy Larson was reported missing to Dillingham Police on Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon, a group of searchers found her safe in the residence of an acquaintance.

Credit KDLG

Dillingham Police began searching for Nancy Larson on Wednesday afternoon after her daughter reported her missing.  Her daughter told police she had been unable to reach Larson since Tuesday.

“We began looking for the woman, and the woman’s family began looking for the woman,” said Dillingham Police Chief, Dan Pasquariello.

Larson’s friends and family reached out for help locating her on Facebook and on KDLG’s call-in show, Open Line. They also searched for her in places they thought she could be.

On Thursday afternoon, the citizen search party found Larson in the home of some acquaintances. Both the police and Dillingham residents had previously asked these acquaintances if Larson was in the residence.

“Essentially, we were both lied to. We were told the woman was not there, when she actually was,” said Pasquariello, adding “People really shouldn’t do that...In the future, if someone is searching for a missing person, help out all you can.”

Larson was safe and unharmed.

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