Feds seize "pounds" of meth, heroin in Anchorage bust

Oct 25, 2017

Federal authorities announced the seizure of 10 pounds of meth and four kilos of heroin this week in Anchorage.

Under arrest is Cheng Saechao, 28, of Anchorage. He was charged with possession to distribute 1,000 or more grams of heroin and faces a mandatory 10 years to life in jail if convicted.

The meth was found in the mail after it was shipped to Alaska from California, and authorities discovered the heroin at Saechao’s home.

Authorities said the estimated 40,000 individual doses of heroin would have been worth $400,000 on the streets in Anchorage, and the ten pounds of meth was worth at least $1 million dollars.

The federal prosecutor said in a press release that Saechao admitted to receiving and distributing more “pounds” of heroin and meth in recent months.