Erosion prompts fuel tank relocation in Port Heiden

Sep 18, 2015

The project by the Alaska Energy Authority will move new tanks inland by October; pipes will be laid next spring. 

A gravel road and foundation are being built to accommodate the move and the new location of the tank farm.
Credit Native Village of Port Heiden

Work began in Port Heiden last month to relocate the village’s fuel tank farm before winter.

Adrianne Christensen, the director of business development for the Native Village of Port Heiden, says the Alaska Energy Authority pushed this project up their list due to severe erosion threatening the old fuel tanks.  

"We lose about 30 feet a year," she said. "So there’s a great possibility that the site where they are currently would be gone by the spring, and to avert a potential disaster in our area, this project took priority.

The project is relocating the tank farm 1.5 mi. inland to a site near the school.

"They are in construction right now, and they're moving the tanks this fall," said Christensen. "So we'll be fully functional by the end of October." 

Christensen says for the rest of the season, fuel will be trucked from the barge to the tank farm. The pipes will be installed to complete the project next spring. 

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