Dillingham's citywide cleanup, free landfill day scheduled for tomorrow

May 4, 2018

Dillingham’s citywide cleanup has been postponed until tomorrow due to inclement weather. It was scheduled to start today.

Dillingham Elementary students get started on community cleanup in 2017.
Credit Lawrence Hamilton/KDLG

The citywide cleanup will continue through Sunday, May 6. There will also be a cleanup next Friday, May 11, to make up for today's cancellation.

Free landfill day will also take place tomorrow. Residents can bring trash in yellow ALPAR bags to the landfill. Hazardous materials and appliances are not allowed.

There was no free landfill day last year. Dillingham City Clerk Lori Goodell said the city reinstated it this year to support the community’s cleanup efforts.

“We really want to encourage having a beautiful, clean community. So that’s why we, in talking with the city council, went ahead with the open landfill day. They wanted to make sure that – because the focus is going to be on city cleanup, we wanted the yellow ALPAR bags,” she said.

The ALPAR bags are available at the City Hall, the DMV lobby and the library.

According to Goodell, some residents have voiced concerns about picking up potentially harmful items like needles and syringes. The State of Alaska recommends that people wear gloves to pick up sharps and dispose of them in a hard plastic, lidded container. That container can then be given to the Dillingham Police Department.

As fishing season approaches, Goodell said the city hopes to use the cleanup as an opportunity to welcome newcomers.

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