Dillingham woman arrested for allegedly attempting to smuggle drugs

Mar 20, 2019

Earlier this month, Dillingham police said they arrested a 30-year-old woman whom they suspected was attempting to transport heroin and methamphetamine into Dillingham. 

On the evening of March 10, police received a tip that someone was travelling from Anchorage to Dillingham with drugs. At the airport, police contacted Jacqueline Phillips, 30, of Dillingham. During a search at the Dillingham Corrections Center, police reported that they found a vial of heroin, two needles, a tourniquet, a straw and a spoon in her purse. They also found a vial of methamphetamine in her luggage.

According to a statement from the Department of Public Safety, after police transported Philips to the Dillingham jail, they also discovered a vial containing methamphetamine and heroin in her hair.

Phillips faces the felony charge of promoting contraband, as well as the misdemeanor charge of misconduct involving a controlled substance. After her arraignment she was released on a $1,000 unsecured performance bond. 

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