Dillingham turns out for 27th Annual Tony's Run

Sep 18, 2018

Officer Anthony Jones was killed in the line of duty February 12, 1992. Every year, Dillingham runs in his honor. Those who worked with Jones remember his commitment to youth. Fittingly, the proceeds from this year's run will benefit the Dillingham cross-country team.

Runners and bikers of all ages line up at the start of Tony's Run in Dillingham.
Credit Isabelle Ross/KDLG

On a cool, sunny Sunday, about 30 people  walked, ran or biked a 5K or 10K  in Dillingham. The cross-country team organized this year’s Tony's Run. The event is named after Officer Anthony Jones, a Dillingham policeman who was shot while on duty in 1992. This was the 27th annual run in his honor.

“Why am I going to run? Because I want to do it with my mom,” explained August Reigh, one of the young runners.

Gregg Marxmiller is the education and outreach coordinator at SAFE, which organized the event’s potluck. He says the run reflects Jones’s passion for youth engagement.

“It honors his memory and gives people a chance to go out and run. He really cared about the youth a lot and he wanted to make sure there were things here for kids,” Marxmiller said.

Proceeds from this year's run will go to support the Dillingham cross-country team.

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On Memorial Day 2018, Antoinette Jones Fields, Officer Anthony Jones’ daughter, visited Dillingham for the first time. The Bristol Bay community dedicated a plaque to Officer Jones in downtown Dillingham. The ceremony also honored Thomas Madole and Ronald Zimin, Bristol Bay Village Public Safety Officers who were killed in the line of duty. Pictured: Antoinette Jones Fields (middle) stands with present and past members of the Dillingham police force.
Credit Avery Lill/KDLG
Terry Rogers spearheaded organizing the Memorial Day ceremony honoring Anthony Jones and other fallen law enforcement officers in Bristol Bay.
Credit Avery Lill/KDLG
American Heritage Girls passed out flags and programs at the Memorial Day service.
Credit Avery Lill/KDLG