Dillingham school board votes not to support international travel due to coronavirus

Mar 9, 2020

The Dillingham City School District was unaminous in its decision to not support international travel at the end of the month with Educational First Tours. The disrtict and EF Tours are working with families to reschedule and finance future trips.

Prompted by concerns over coronavirus, the Dillingham City School District voted unanimously on two motions regarding an international trip students had planned for the end of the month.

At a special board meeting last week, the school board agreed to not support the Capitals of the British Isles tour with Education First. The board also voted to provide financial support within the school budget to families and students. The district will help cover non-refundable $95 deposits, $165 to travel insurance and initial airfares through RAVN.

Superintendent Jason Johnson said the district’s priority is community safety.

“We know that these bodies then would be able to bring back things to the community and a lot of our Elders would be impacted," Johnson said. "Individuals prone with immune deficiencies would be impacted too.”

Education First is providing travel vouchers to the families participating in the program. Tour group leader Leslie Theurer said the vouchers can be used for other EF trips, and would cover all amenities and costs put forward by the students.

“That’s why it’s my recommendation we have too many people on this trip that are leaving the district, or graduating and going to college," Thuerer said. "Some of those could even be used, to take a spring break somewhere.”

Vouchers would be valid through September 2021, but EF Tours is willing to extend that date as things change. The vouchers can be sold or transferred to family members and others within the school district.

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