Dillingham man sentenced to five years for brutal 2016 assault

Oct 6, 2017

The conduct of Carl P. Nunn, 30, was "egregious," said his defense attorney Chris Lesch, but the 15 original charges against him – including kidnapping – were "inappropriate."

Nunn was indicted for an assault of his now ex-girlfriend that happened in November 2016. The victim told police she had been strangled several times till she blacked out, dragged around by her ankles, an driven in a truck that was crashed into a ditch. After he was arrested, authorities monitored "many" of the phone calls that Nunn made to the victim as he attempted to bribe her to stop cooperating in the case.

Lesch and assistant district attorney Dan Doty reached an agreement in the case. Nunn pleaded to one count of felony assault and one count of unlawful contact. He was ordered to serve five years and one year respectively, but those will run concurrently for a flat five year jail term.

Five years for the third degree assault was the maximum, said Lesch. Nunn has two prior felony convictions and Judge Tina Reigh found him to be a "worst offender" in this case.

After he pleaded guilty in September, the court allowed Nunn to be released to spend time with his ailing father, who has now passed away. His conduct while out of custody was praised by both sides, and Judge Reigh told the young man she hoped he had reached a turning point in his life.

He was ordered to remand to the Dillingham by 4 p.m. Friday to begin the remainder of his sentence.