Dillingham man arrested for climbing KDLG tower

Jun 19, 2018

Shortly after midnight on Sunday, June 10, Nathan Wassillie climbed 60 feet up the KDLG radio tower. 

KDLG's tower on Lil' Larry Road.
Credit Isabelle Ross/KDLG

In the early hours of Sunday, June 10, an allegedly intoxicated Dillingham man climbed 60 feet up the KDLG radio tower on Lil' Larry Road. Dillingham police spotted him while out on a routine patrol. Twenty-six-year-old Nathan Wassillie refused to climb down at officers’ orders. A woman motorist who knows Wassillie stopped at the scene and talked him down from the tower.

Wassillie told police officers that he wanted to climb the tower in order to touch the red light at the top.

Credit Isabelle Ross/KDLG

KDLG’s general manager Sam Gardner said that this act was particularly reckless because of the tower’s electrical power.

“By climbing a highly-powered tower, [Wassillie] not only put his own life at risk; he put the officer at risk as well,” said Gardner. 

Wassillie was medically screened at Kanakanak hospital following the incident, after which he was taken to jail where he was charged with Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct.

On Tuesday, June 12, Wassillie was contacted by officers in the afternoon after they received a report of an intoxicated man in front of the Muddy Rudder. He was taken back to jail, where he was charged with Violating Conditions of Release. He was arraigned on June 13. 

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