Dillingham man allegedly threatens woman with blowtorch

Nov 5, 2018

Donald P. Johnson, 25, allegedly waved a lit blowtorch over the victim's legs and face. 

Credit KDLG

After eluding arrest for several days, Donald P. Johnson, 25, was arrested in Dillingham this weekend. He allegedly assaulted a woman in Dillingham on October 27.

The victim told police she was holding her infant in her arms when Johnson lit a blowtorch and waved it over her legs and face. According to the police report, a handgun was also allegedly involved in the event and Johnson allegedly hit the victim.

The police report stated that the victim left the house and contacted police after Johnson left the residence.

Police located Johnson in his car in downtown Dillingham and attempted to contact him. However, according to police, Johnson sped away. The officer observed Johnson driving at more than 80 miles per hour. The speed limit in downtown Dillingham is 25 miles per hour.

Police located Johnson’s car shortly afterward, but he had fled. They say they found the blowtorch he allegedly used to threaten the victim in the vehicle.

Johnson was arrested on Nov. 3 in Dillingham. He faces four felony charges for assault in the first, second and third degree and failure to stop at the direction of a peace officer. He faces two misdemeanor charges for assault in the fourth degree and reckless driving.  Police recommend that the Dillingham Court set his bail at $10,000.

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