Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: June 29, 2017

Jun 30, 2017

The run goes past seven million, thanks mainly to the west side which continues to cook. Genetics show more Nush fish coming, plus Egegik and an uptick for Ugashik and the Naknek-Kvichak. Port Moller posts some big catches but fishes long to get them, and Nushagak kings show a nice bump. ADF&G's Jason Dye joins, as does Combine set netter Greg Marxmiller and the tender vessel Icy Bay.

Packing set net caught sockeye into ice for processing. In Naknek, June 29.
Credit Caitlin Tan / KDLG

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The total run to Bristol Bay is up to 7.3 million, out of a preseason forecast of 41.5 million. The harvest just topped 5 million fish, thanks mainly to the Nushagak District. Catches dropped off just a little in the west Wednesday, but that's the only place there was any action ... the east side is getting antsy. The Port Moller Test Fishery catches picked up, but the crew fished the nets three times as long as usual to get them. ADF&G's sport fish manager for Bristol Bay Jason Dye is on the program to discuss the Nushagak king run and what might have to be done if it doesn't pick up, and we get reaction from some of you, plus messages from the fleet and other fisheries news and numbers.

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Chris Itulmuria on the big tide that flooded the harbor this week.
Credit Courtney Carty

Bristol Bay drifters docked up near Silver Bay Seafoods, Thursday June 29.
Credit Caitlin Tan / KDLG