Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: June 20, 2020

Jun 20, 2020

The west side is ticking up and Egegik is slowly gaining ground, while only a few hundred fish have entered the Naknek-Kvichak so far. 

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Howdy fish heads, this the Bristol Bay Fisheries Report -- the weekend numbers edition. The season is underway so our show is a bit short today, but we’ll be sharing figures from the Wood and Nushagak escapement. And Port Moller.

It’s a rainy, somber Saturday, June 20 … I’m your host, Tyler Thompson. 

And we’re back with a quickie this afternoon, the numbers are in.

At the Nushagak District:

The daily king count yesterday was at 51 bringing the total count to date at 9,250 fish. The number of sockeye counted yesterday sits at 11,459 running the total up to 41,000 fish. Chums were counted at 3,751 fish bringing that total to 8,597 so far. 

The daily Wood River count from yesterday was 1,050 bringing that total to 20,292 fish.


On the east side…



The Egegik River Tower started counting Thursday, they’ve passed 6,100 fish through yesterday.


The daily escapement at the Naknek-Kvichak district was 678 -- the total for the season so far. The total catch was 106. 


At the Chignik Weir, zero fish have been counted as of 9:00 a.m. today. Yesterday they counted 1,097 sockeye bringing that total to 13,801 fish. 

Area M

There is no report from Area M, The South Alaska Peninsula commercial fishery was closed yesterday.

And there are some new openers today from Area M:

Commercial salmon fishing for set gillnet and seine gear will be allowed in the Shumagin Islands Section of the Southeastern District from 6:00 a.m. today - Saturday, June 20 until 10:00 p.m. Sunday, June 21.

Commercial salmon fishing for drift gillnet, set gillnet, and seine gear will be allowed from 6:00 a.m. today - Saturday, June 20 until 10:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 23 in the following districts and sections:

  • Unimak District

  • Bechevin Bay Section of the Northwestern District

  • Southwestern District

  • West and East Pavlof Bay sections of the South Central District

Port Moller Numbers

Here is the latest from Scott Raborn:

On its second attempt, the Ocean was successful in pushing through a 20 nmi band of bad seas between Port Moller and about station 5 or so by mid-morning.  

The conditions north of this band were fishable and they were able to fish Stations 8-18 yesterday in an attempt to capture the majority of fish migrating across the transect.  

They stayed overnight at the outer stations and will fish southbound today. 

The F/V Americanus arrived Thursday (6/20), and launched early this morning.  The weather is forecast to deteriorate again tomorrow. Hopefully, the two boats can fish and thread their way through weather to meet somewhere along the transect.


Stock Composition Status: Bad weather, the absence of a second vessel, and modest indices have gotten this season off to a slow start.  They have yet to achieve a sample size of 190 fish (the minimum to provide an informative stock composition estimate).  Should yesterday and today’s catches combined produce enough fish, those samples will be in Port Moller on Sunday evening, June 21.  As the day unfolds, they will begin exploring shipping opportunities.


Stations two, four, six and 20 were not fished.


Stations 14 and 18 reported zero catches.

Station 8 caught 8 in the four and half inch mesh, and 0 in the five and an eighth. The current bringing that indic to 19.

Station 10 caught 0 in the four and a half, and 1 in the five and an eighth. That indic is 2.

Station 12 caught 1 in the four and a half, and 6 in the five and an eighth. The indici is 16.

Station 16 caught 7 in the four and a half, and 2 in the five and an eighth. That indici is 19.


That does it for the numbers this Saturday. It might be the short weekend show, but we still have messages to the fleet. 


Messages to the fleet 

Happy Father’s Day to our Dad, Abraham Enter! We thank God for the blessing of a Dad like you!


Moses, Genesis, Eden, Ezekiel, Eve, and Obadiah

To Captain Doug Morgan, F/V Miss Emma, from Mark T


Doug, l told you this was gonna happen. You can't just put an Accura sticker over the Geo Tracker emblem and expect it to sell. The buyer backed out. Also, just because it smokes and knocks you can't just say you "just assumed" it was a diesel. Should l lower the price to $250?

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Update: This report has been updated to include the Naknek-Kvichak numbers.