Bristol Bay Campus to lose up to $196k in UAF budget cuts

Jul 31, 2015

The bulk of reductions will come from leaving faculty positions unfilled, so no programs will be cut at this time, says campus director.

Credit UAF Bristol Bay Campus

On Wednesday, the University of Alaska Fairbanks released detailed plans to cut $20 million dollars from its budget this academic year, including $2.4 millon from rural, community and native education.

The Bristol Bay Campus, which depends on state funding for just under half of its budget, will see a reduction between $140,000 and $196,000 dollars.

Bristol Bay Campus director Deborah McLean says no programs will be cut at this time, because most of the cuts come from positions from which people recently retired or resigned.

"Our math person got a new job and so the BBC is going to share our math faculty with the Interior Alaska campus, so that we’ll still be able to provide math, and we’ll also hire adjuncts," explained McLean. "And our English professor, George Guthridge, also retired, so some of the funding will come from his retirement…  And actually we're going to keep Dr. Guthridge on part-time as an adjunct."

The plan also mandates 7 additional days of unpaid time off per year for McLean as campus director. 

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