Bristol Bay Borough elects mostly incumbents

Oct 6, 2015

Unofficial results show an unchanged Bristol Bay Borough Assembly, and one new face on the school board.

The Bristol Bay Borough assembly will remain unchanged after Tuesday’s election, but the school board will have a new face.

According to the unofficial results provided by the borough, South Naknek resident Carvel Zimin Jr. and King Salmon resident Mary Swain were each re-elected to another term on the borough assembly, with 177 and 161 votes respectively. Challenger Michael Gottschalk received 123 votes, and will not serve on the assembly at this time.

Zimin, who has served on the assembly since 1989, said he was happy and humbled to be re-elected.

“It seems like every year that I serve on the assembly, there’s always things that come up that grab our attention,” Zimin said Tuesday evening.

He added that the assembly is filled with talented people, and he looked forward to more in the community stepping up and serving in the future.

For the school board, King Salmon’s Michael Swain Jr. was re-elected with 190 votes. He has served on the school board for more than a decade. Katie Copps-Wilson, a Naknek resident with kids in the school system, won a first term with 171 votes. Incumbent Tanya Hansen, a Naknek resident, received 111 votes, and will not serve another term.

Swain said he was looking forward to continuing his work on the school board, but felt bad that Hansen was not re-elected.

“Moving forward, I would like to continue many of the good things we are doing and look for ways to improve and expand the level of courses we can offer our students,” he wrote in a message.

Copps-Wilson said she was humbled by the results and the people who supported her.

“I look forward to working hard for the students and the community,” she wrote in a message Tuesday evening.

Those results are unofficial, and must still be certified.

Lake and Peninsula Borough residents also voted on several races, but those results were not available Tuesday night because the election is conducted by mail.