Bristol Bay Borough announces final results of municipal election

Oct 13, 2020

Absentee ballots didn't change the final results of the borough's election. David Lax and Russell Phelps won by large margins, and Floyd Wilson eked out a comparatively narrow victory over Sarah Mitchell for a seat on the school board.

Credit Avery Lill, October 2016

The Bristol Bay Borough has announced the official results from the October 6th municipal election. Russel Phelps and David Lax both won by large margins in the races for Borough Assembly and Mayor.

David Lax won by a 177-vote margin over Randolph Zimin.  Lax had a final count of 247 votes, while Zimin had just 70 votes. Preliminary results had Zimin trailing by 141 votes. Lax will replace the borough’s current mayor, Dan O’Hara.

Incumbent Russell Phelps will keep his position on the borough assembly. He won by 133 votes over challenger Kendra Gottschalk. Phelps had a total of 226 votes, while  Gottschalk had 93. The preliminary votes had Gottschalk trailing by 110 votes.

The school board election was much closer, but the absentee votes didn’t change the preliminary results. 

Three candidates were running for the board’s two open seats, so the two with the highest vote totals will win the seats.

Incumbent Rebecca Hamon had the highest vote total at 193. She will continue her tenure on the school board with another three-year term. The other incumbent, Sarah Mitchell, had only 155 votes. Mitchell lost to challenger Floyd Wilson, who had 185 votes. Preliminary results had Hamon with 162 votes, Wilson with 160 votes, and Mitchell with 124 votes.

The borough certified the results Monday. All seats are three year terms. 

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