Bristol Bay and Beyond: May 5, 2017

May 5, 2017

An update as Togiak seiners near their quota, Pebble CEO Tom Collier on proposed advisory committee and coming plans, a visit to Igiugig's "Goose Camp", new Magistrate Tonya O'Connor, and backstage at Annie.

Learning to live off the land at Goose Camp in Igiugig this week.
Credit KDLG

Bristol Bay and Beyond, May 5, 2017: This week, the Togiak purse seine fleet is closing in on its quota this season. How many fish will those 16,000 tons amount to? "My guess is in the 50,000,000 range," says area management biologist Tim Sands, who doesn't have the average weight of the herring tallied just yet.

Pebble is making news this week, with hints of a new advisory committee raising eyebrows, and also with what CEO Tom Collier says is their intent to resolve their dispute with EPA and move forward.  "We'll prepare a permit application and file it and everyone will have an opportunity to look at the project we're proposing. Which, by the way, I think will dramatically different from what most people think," he says.

Come along to Goose Camp in Igiugig, and go backstage during dress rehearsal for "Annie," which opens Saturday. For our Friday conversation, newly named Magistrate Judge / Clerk of Court Tonya O'Connor joins to talk about the position, why it was created, and why she's up to the task. Those stories, plus a look back at some of the week's news, on Bristol Bay and Beyond.

Darshana Sharp from Togiak competes in the two foot high kick at CITCI's NYO meet last weekend in Anchorage.
Credit Tommy Bayayok of Bethel

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Bald eagles along the Kvichak River this week.
Credit KDLG

Backstage during dress rehearsal at Annie.
Credit KDLG

Sunset through the Kanakanak Cemetary.
Credit Sarah Grace Durrance