Bristol Bay and Beyond, Jan. 27, 2017

Jan 27, 2017

Pebble CEO Tom Collier on company plans, Robin Samuelson and Kim Williams with reaction, plus Mark Lisac on his career at Togiak NWR, and Aleknagik's Carolyn Smith on the borough feasibility study.

"Here's the winter we have all been waiting for!" Apayo Moore of Aleknagik wrote Friday morning after waking up to inches (and inches) of fresh powder.
Credit courtesy Apayo Moore

Bristol Bay and Beyond, Jan. 27, 2016: This week, the Pebble Mine is back in the news. We’ll ask CEO Tom Collier about the company's plans and how the aim to re-engage in Bristol Bay. “We’re going to use our best efforts to talk to everyone in the region and consider their opinions and their perspectives as we prepare to go into permitting," he says. Two area leaders, Kim Williams and Robin Samuelsen, offer reaction to Pebble's plans to move forward. “Bristol Bay as well as the people of Alaska spoke and said ‘we’re not against mining, this mine is just in the wrong place.’ And I don’t think them coming back and talking with us is going to change Bristol Bay’s mind," says Samuelsen. A fisheries biologist hangs up his hat after more than three decades on the job with the Fish and Wildlife Service; Mark Lisac shares some stories from his time at the Togiak NWR. Plus the latest in a long line of studies on how western Bristol Bay could become a borough is out for public comment. Dillingham and Aleknagik were the only two cities to chip in for the costly study. The latter's mayor offers a preliminary reaction. "Unless a legislative mandate comes down that all unorganized territory must go into a borough, I do not see it happening," says Carolyn Smith. Those stories, plus a look back at some of the week's news.

New Stu v. the region's newest team, the Aleknagik Lakers, at the Sockeye Classic in Dillingham last weekend.
Credit Kevin Tennyson

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Is it Jeano and Mindy, or Mindy and Jeano? The student was becoming the master over the course or a long weekend of (our many great) volunteers calling basketball on KDLG.
Credit KDLG

A beautiful snowy Friday in good ol' downtown Dillingham. What's it look like elsewhere in our region? Send us some photos so we can see!
Credit KDLG

The photographer ventured underneath the bleachers to explore the underbelly of an eight school basketball tournament, and was never heard from again.
Credit KDLG