Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 17, 2017

Feb 18, 2017

This week, Rep. Neal Foster on House Finance plan to fix state economy. Plus, Newhalen's Bob Rychnovsky on coaching and chacter, Dr. Cathy Hyndman on protecting one's head, teen love stories, and Penguin dip. 

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Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 17, 2017:  This week, the House Finance Committee has put a fiscal plan on the table and will take public testimony on it today. Co-chair Neal Foster from Nome joins to discuss the proposed overhaul. "Our goal has been to structure a long term sustainable fiscal plan that's comprehensive and fair," he says of HB 115. One of our reporters gets a first hand look at the east side's annual chilly swim. "The water keeps freezing on top, so they're scraping the water constantly making sure the ice doesn't build up too much, because we don't want folks jumping into ice chunked water!" says one of the Penguin Dip organizers. Teenagers share stories of love and dating in rural AK, Bob Rychnovsky joins to reflect on nearly four decades of coaching Newhalen boys basketball, and Doctor Catch Hyndman has medical advice on brain injuries, and how to prevent them.

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