Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 10, 2017

Feb 10, 2017

Dillingham's Superior Court Judge Tina Reigh, the latest on the Nushagak orca fetus, an update from Winterfest, NWS says warmer spring than usual ahead, and poems from Chignik Bay.

Ice road truckers. The traditional winter link between Naknek and South Naknek has been generally stable of late, barring a few large tide switches, and is helping make for the most fun Winterfest in years.
Credit KDLG

Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 10, 2017: Coming up this week, new Superior Court Judge Tina Reigh joins to talk about her interest in the job and priorities. “Every single person who comes to court, in whatever capacity that might be, deserves a voice," she says. An update from some of those still working on projects surrounding the killer whales that met their demise here in 2011. “Orca whales swam up the Nushagak, got disoriented, and got dead, because they were in the fresh water," Kent Winship recalls with characteristic bluntness. An on-the-scene update from Winterfest (plus a song or two from the talent show), the latest from NWS on the spring weather ahead, and poems from Chignik Bay. “There once was a moose from the Bay. Who didn’t want the hunters to stay. He got really fat, and then shot at, so he left the very next day,” 8th grader Kelsen Orloff offers. Those stories, plus a look back at some of the week's news.

Tina Reigh takes is sworn in to the job of Superior Court Judge Friday in Dillingham.
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Sharon O'Hara is crowned 2017 Winterfest Queen Thursday in Naknek.
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Poets slamming in Chignik Bay.
Credit Elisabeth Coyle Ludwig

No, that's not Obama kitesurfing in Bristol Bay. Eagles spin circles for extra smelt brought up in some ice fishing on the Naknek River Friday.
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Credit KDLG