Borough police charge two with drug possession after July bust

Sep 22, 2017

Gavin Augustus Carlson, 27, and Delta Elizabeth Bailey, 29, have both been charged with misdemeanor drug possession following a bust early on July 29 in Naknek.

Bristol Bay Borough Police waited to have substances tested and determine the contents of two safes seized at the time before pressing charges. Police believed there might have been an amount of drugs present to charge the suspects with intent to distribute, but after a court-approved search, found that was not the case.

Both Carlson and Bailey were alleged to have had small amounts of heroin, meth, and other paraphernalia.

Police said they were conducting an “extra patrol” in the area near Carlos Boat Yard after taking reports of drug-related activity. They first encountered Carlson, who police believe lives between Sand Point and Anchorage but has been working in Bristol Bay the past few summers. According to the sworn affidavit, Carlson had a gun in his hand and backed away from the two officers, creating a tense situation that was resolved with the threat of a tasing at the entrance of a mobile home.

The owner of the mobile home claimed not to know that Carlson and Bailey were staying there and agreed to let it be searched, said police. The officers found tin foil with heroin residue, straws, needles, a small balloon “which is used to conceal heroin,” small amounts of heroin and meth, a digital scale, and $880 cash. Two safes were seized, and the later search turned up some pills but “no criminal evidence.”

On September 15, both Carlson and Bailey were issued summons to appear on the misdemeanor drug possession charges.