BBRSDA Waypoints

Jul 8, 2021

The third episode of Waypoints Radio aired on July 8 features BBRSDA’s Marketing Team. Marketing Director, Lilani Dunn, speaks with Mark Jones, Christine Fanning, and Kate Consenstein about the success of Bristol Bay Sockeye at the retail stores with a focus on this upcoming Fresh Season. They also discuss the unique ways stores can choose to do promotions, how the pandemic reshaped consumer behaviors towards seafood and how the BBRSDA plans on riding the momentum of increased seafood consumption at home. The segment also includes Deputy Director of AFDF, Riley Smith, giving updates on the Alaska Symphony of Seafood event set to take place this upcoming Fall 2021.

BBRSDA is producing a weekly, in-season radio show called Waypoints Radio, as an extension of their monthly email newsletter. The Waypoints Radio show airs on KDLG 670am each Thursday at 12:30 pm during the fishing season.

Catch the next Waypoints Radio show this Thursday at 12:30 p.m. on KDLG (or find it later on for an intriguing discussion about the evolution of quality in Bristol Bay and useful information about quality-oriented activities contracted by BBRSDA this season.

BBRSDA is an underwriter with KDLG. Waypoints is produced by BBRSDA, and those things said on Waypoints don’t necessarily reflect the views of KDLG staff, management, or board of directors.