BBNC will remain neutral on Ballot Measure 1

Oct 11, 2018

In September, the Bristol Bay Native Association passed a resolution, asking BBNC to reconsider its neutrality on Yes for Salmon's ballot initiative. BBNC considered the resolution in October and will remain neutral.



As the midterm elections approach, the Bristol Bay Native Corporation will remain neutral on Ballot Measure 1.


The Bristol Bay Native Association passed a resolution at a full board meeting on Sept. 28, asking BBNC  to reconsider its neutrality on Ballot Measure 1. The Ballot Measure, put forward by the group Stand for Salmon, aims to strengthen laws protecting salmon habitat in the state. Critics say the measure could be too far reaching in the types of development it would hinder.


Joe Chythlook, chairman of the BBNC board, confirmed that they discussed the resolution at an Oct. 5 BBNC board meeting. According to Chythlook, the board decided to remain neutral on the initiative, following the advice of their executive team.


BBNC declined to comment further.


Voters will decide whether Ballot Measure 1 becomes legislation during the midterm election on November 6. 


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