BBNC Opposes Ballot Measure 2 to Legalize Marijuana in Alaska

Oct 10, 2014

The Board of Directors for the Bristol Bay Native Corporation has voted to oppose Ballot Measure 2 to legalize the use and sale of marijuana in Alaska for anyone over the age of 21. The Board voted on the matter on October 3rd.

In a written statement the Board asserts that they considered the possible impacts of legalizing marijuana on the communities and youth in Bristol Bay. They claim that a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows a correlation between marijuana use and altered brain development, higher unemployment and greater dependency on social services. Board Chairman Joe Chythlook is quoted as saying that opposing Ballot Measure 2 is in the best interest of the Corporations shareholders and the communities of Bristol Bay. BBNC refused to make Chythlook or BBNC CEO Jason Metrokin available for an interview to explain the decision making process of the board in opposing Ballot Measure 2 and why the Corporation is taking its opposition to the Ballot Measure public.