Alaskan grown ingredients on the menu at Dillingham Elementary

Nov 19, 2014

Tuesday's beef stew was made, by scratch, from veggies and meat grown and raised locally and around the state.

Dillingham Elementary served up something special to the students yesterday for lunch—homemade Alaskan beef stew.  Everything from the veggies to the meat was from Alaska. 

Grace Jackson and Amber Larson said they both really enjoyed the beef stewed served by Luckhurst and his father.

Ole Luckhurst and his father are the cooks that prepared the stew.  He says the beef is from North Pole and the vegetables, except the onions and diced tomatoes, are from Warehouse Mountain Farms in Dillingham.

Luckhurst says he enjoys making the fresh food and he believes the kids get a kick out it too.

“I think they’re pretty lucky, I went to school here as well and we never got to eat like this.  And especially when they figure out where it’s from they’re surprised.  They’re like ‘really? It was grown close to home?’ And it’s like yea, a few miles out the road, they think it’s pretty cool.”

The recipe was inspired in part by Luckhurst’s grandmother and his father added his own flair. This is the second time the Luckhurst men prepared beef stew for the kids. (KDLG News can confirm it was delicious.)

Other Alaska products on the local school lunch menu include halibut, black cod, Bristol Bay sockeye (most Fridays), pork, beef, and a dozen or more vegetable varieties grown right here in Dillingham.