27-year-old arrested on rape charges in New Stuyahok Thursday

Nov 30, 2017

Billy M. Peterson, 27, was arrested Thursday on a charges of second- and third-degree sexual assault. The alleged rape occurred just after midnight. 

The criminal complaint was filed by state troopers in Dillingham, but investigated by local law enforcement. Two village police officers in New Stuyahok were able to interrupt the incident.

VPOs Walcott and Wonhola said they heard a woman screaming in the vicinity of the fuel farm, just after midnight Thursday, and drove quickly to the scene. The vehicle's headlights illuminated a man they recognized as Peterson engaged in sexual intercourse with the victim.

The officers said they could hear the woman still yelling for help, and yelling at the man to get off of her. He, who authorities allege was Peterson, fled from the scene.

The victim was intoxicated and did not remember many of the details except being groped while she laid on the ground. She said had not consented to the sex.

Village Public Safety Officer Wagner found Peterson walking down the street a short time later, according to the affidavit, and noted the "strong odor of alcohol emitting from his breath and person."

Peterson denied any involvement in the alleged crimes. He was arrested and transported to Dillingham for arraignment Friday.

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