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Swetzof not eligible as write-in candidate for District 37 house seat


Stanley Swetzof is not on the official list of write-in candidates for House District 37 because his letter of intent did not arrive at the Division of Elections by November 3 deadline.

When voters in House District 37 head to the polls, they have two candidates to choose from. Incumbent Democrat Bryce Edgmon from Dillingham and Republican challenger William Weatherby from King Salmon.

Stanley Swetzof of Naknek had announced a write-in candidacy in September, but the Division of Elections did not receive his official letter of intent by the deadline last week. That means write-in votes for Swetzof for the House District 37 seat will not count.

“As statute 15.25.105 states, a vote for the write-in candidate may not be counted unless that candidate has filed a letter of intent with the director,” explains Sharon Forrest, the state’s election coordinator. “That deadline was November 3 of last week. As of that date, I had not received a filing from Mr. Swetzof.”

Swetzof did send the letter of intent, he says. But it did not arrive in time for him to be placed on the official list of write-in candidates.

“I’m disappointed in myself,” says Swetzof. “I should have followed up on it Thursday. I just got busy. I want to apologize to all the people that had a lot of support for me. I’m heartbroken.”

Because votes for Swetzof cannot be counted, the only two names on the ballot for House District 37 seat are William Weatherby and Bryce Edgmon.