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The company filed the complaint January 19. It levies a total of five counts against the City for unpaid fees and improper waste enforcement for residents, citing alleged disposal of human fecal matter in city dumpsters.


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State biologists have found an unusual disease among caribou in Southwest Alaska. Biologists typically find the bacteria brucella, which causes brucellosis, in caribou herds to the north.

Bristol Bay Borough

Gregg Brelsford was the Bristol bay Borough Manager from 2018 until 2020. Brelsford will debrief with city officials at Thursday night's City Council meeting. 


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The leak originated from an out-of-service fuel tank at the harbor master’s office. Clean up efforts are underway, and the city plans to monitor the situation over the next few months.



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The school will operate at the low risk level and function as it did before it switched to distance learning in November.

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Dillingham police and the state fire marshal have yet to determine exactly where the fire started based on the fire’s burn patterns.



To launch 4G LTE service around Dillingham, GCI is upgrading five towers in the area. It also plans to bring faster speeds to Aleknagik, Manokotak and Clark’s Point. 


The state has documented three years of declining moose populations in those districts, while other opportunities will be available for hunters between January and February, as the weather permits. Mulchatna caribou herds are also lower than the minimum target population for the second year in a row.


Courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game

A new documentary provides a brief look at how the mine would operate in Cook Inlet — and conservationists in the region are raising concerns about adding yet another stressor to a disappearing whale population.

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KDLG is developing a longer story to remember Colton’s time at KDLG. We are heartbroken by her passing. We extend our condolences to her loved ones and to those who were close to her. 

City of Dillingham , Public Safety

Dillingham police do not suspect foul play and say the woman could have died from hypothermia.

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The public and City Council engaged in vigorous discussion at Thursday's meeting. Emergency Order One is now in effect as well. It contains the same protective measures that were already in place, with a few modifications.

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Pandemics are stressful. To help Bristol Bay community members address their stress, mental health experts from around Bristol Bay shared tips for managing wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic during a live, on-air panel.

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Halloween is Saturday, and the haunted holiday is going to be a bit different this year, but the CDC has some guidelines for celebrating the spooky spectacle.


Izzy Ross/KDLG

Local mental health experts shared tips for managing wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel included voices from the City of Dillingham, the Dillingham City School District and the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation.