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Murkowski says the $50 million the CARES Act designated for commercial fisheries nationwide is not enough.

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Two of the individuals were tested at Camai Health Center's walk-up clinic, and the third person was tested in Dillingham and is currently self-isolating. 

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It's the final episode before the fishing season! Testing for COVID-19 is now available at the Dillingham harbor. We look at two cases over the past week, and we talk about reducing stress with two local healthcare providers. 

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After Dillingham’s first positive case of the disease was announced May 16, Capstone Clinic opened to everyone in the community.

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COVID-19 testing is available seven days a week, and participants will be given color-coded wristbands to identify what stage of quarantine that person is in. 

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Local, Tribal and state leaders and public health officials discuss the first case of COVID-19 in Dillingham.

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A state delegation visits Bristol Bay to meet with health teams and city and tribal leaders. We lay out what the Dillingham City's ordinances mean for people coming in to the community. And we talk to Camai Health Center in Naknek about what their plans are heading into the season. 


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This will be the first commercial service to Bristol Bay in more than a month, since RavnAir shut down all operations and filed for bankruptcy in early April.


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The Dillingham City Council voted Friday to require testing at the end of a 14-day quarantine in Dillingham, effective May 22, as well as a series of protective measures in the community which are effective immediately. We also parse through the trial and acquittal of Brian Vane Clark, who was arrested in 2016 for the murder of Ella Olsen. Clark was found not guilty by an Anchorage jury in March. 


The trial was conducted over a five-week period in Anchorage. Several key witnesses plead the fifth and refused to testify. Dillingham Police also lost evidence from the investigation. 

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Alaska Airlines will be providing year round service for the community. The Dillingham City Council extended its permit system and quarantine requirement, but incoming travelers don't need to get tested for now. And the state says the fishery can operate safely, as long as people follow the mandates, but some local leaders are concerned that there isn't enough enforcement and no clear plans in place for if people get sick. 


Alaska Airlines

RavnAir was forced to shut down due to a steep drop in travel due to COVID-19. It filed for bankcruptcy last month. Alaska Airlines said they would start seasonal air services before June 1.  Now, the airline is planning to stick around. 

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The governor releases a mandate laying out guidelines for commercial fishermen, while Bristol Bay's health corporation opposes opening the fishery this season. Communities continue to prepare for the arrival of fishermen and workers. And a virtual yuraq series kicks off today  we hear from one of the people running the sessions.

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If the city manager approves the application, they can travel to Dillingham. But there has been some confusion about whether and how the permit system applies to people who live in Aleknagik. 

Friends of the Landfill

Earth Day was this week, so we caught up with Paul Liedberg with the Friends of the Landfill to explore their efforts around town.