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The fire was started by lightning Sunday night. Smokejumpers arrived on Monday to begin laying firelines around the perimeter of the fire. 


Alex Hager

UPDATE: Packers Creek is running thin. Village Administrator Michelle Anderson shares this week's status of  Chignik Lagoon's water situation.


Alex Hager/KDLG

A boil water notice has been in effect since July 2. As of  yesterday, residents had only 5,000 gallons of drinkable water left. 

Izzy Ross

Smoke from a 5,000-acre fire near Levelock has settled over Dillingham. A period of substantial rainfall is necessary to tamp down threats of wildfires.

Doug Huntman

Ekuk lacks a designated landfill. Abandon vehicles were collecting trash and leaking fluids as they threatened the village's water supply. Delta Backhaul was hired for the cleanup.


United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Units 17B and C are open for moose hunting. This season, river water levels are low and local bear sightings are prevelant. But those bears should not pose a threat to moose population.


Eric Hanson

The senator sat down with KDLG to discuss veteran services and his comments on the proposed Pebble Mine. 


Recall Dunleavy volunteers

Citizens in Dillingham  gathered to sign a petition to recall Governor Mike Dunleavy. In total, organizers need 10% of Alaskan voter signatures to proceed to the next step.




Tyler Thompson

The Moravian Church is getting a new building, courtsey of the evangelical organization. The structure cost around $2 million dollars and will hold roughly 200 people. 

Twenty-five year-old Theodore Borbridge was taken into custody without incident on Wednesday for an alleged shooting at the Igushik beach.

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ABI is assisting in the investigation.

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Dillingham is partnering with a consulting firm to restore the swath of land next to the harbor. With cleanup efforts underway, the stage is set for future projects.


Tyler Thompson

The Power Cost Equalization Endowment is one of many accounts lost to a budgeting sweep at the end of the year. If funding is not restored, residents in Bristol Bay will have to pay the difference. 

Tyler Thompson

The Dillingham Harbor was the sight of destruction last Friday morning. The men's restroom, harbor park and a camping sight belonging to two campers were ravaged. 

Stephannie Blatchford

Wanda Kie-Miller made eye contact with a bear breaking in to her house around 3:00 a.m. Residents around Naknek have had similar experiences in this unusual spike of activity.