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Residents walked the streets for Domestic Violence Awareness month. At the end of the march, SAFE invited folks to sit down for a roundtable discussion about domestic violence services in Bristol Bay.

Togiak Wildlife Refuge

Susanna Henry moved to Dillingham in 2013 from Arizona. While she's happy to retire, saying goodbye to her home comes with mixed feelings.

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The absentee ballots didn't change the preliminary results: Heather Savo will fill the one open school board seat, Bill Rodawalt won city council seat B, and Chris Napoli was re-elected to council seat A. 

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Voters reached out to KDLG about city budget concerns in the 2020 municipal election.


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Spring 2020 will be a busy time in Dillingham. With a slew of projects coming up, City Manager Tod Laron provides updates to the waterfront property and roads' projects.


Residents will vote on two city council seats and one school board seat. Incumbent Chris Napoli is running for city council seat A unopposed. Dillingham High School instructor Kaleb Westfall and science teacher Bill Rodowalt are vying for seat B.


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One school board seat is up for grabs in this year's election. Incumbent Emily Hulett, Heather Savo and Chris Napoli are focused on setting new goals at the school. 

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The regional corporation weighed in Aug. 31 on the debate around the governor's letter to a potential investor in the proposed project, saying it undermined the regulatory process.

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Schools from Port Alsworth, New Stuyahok, Manokotak, Koliganek and Bristol Bay Borough traveled to compete the season's first invitational in Dillingham. 

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Special Education teacher Ben Griese has begun his 11th year at Chief Ivan Blunka School. Last year, he integrated a disability awareness week and helped a non-verbal student give a speech at the school's graduation ceremony.

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The fire started Friday afternoon and was contained within one hour upon arrival. There are no injuries. The cause of the fire is currently unknown. 



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Invasive plants have been sprouting across Dillingham, and that could threaten its ecosystem. KDLG sat down with an environmentalist who discovered one alarming species to discuss the plants, and how spread can be avoided in the future.


The Mulchatna caribou herd populations hover between 22,000 and 27,000. This year's herd is estimated at 13,500 caribou. 

The fire was started by lightning Sunday night. Smokejumpers arrived on Monday to begin laying firelines around the perimeter of the fire.