Avery Lill

News Director

Avery Lill is news director, host and multimedia reporter for KDLG. She writes stories on a range of topics, from Bristol Bay’s dynamic fisheries and environment to education and public safety.

Avery grew up in Austin, Texas and studied philosophy and creative writing at Baylor University.

Before joining the KDLG news team in 2016, Avery was an intern then a news assistant at National Public Radio in Washington D.C. She also interned with NPR member station, KWBU in Waco, Texas. Her stories have aired statewide and on National Native News, NPR’s All Things Considered, and American Public Media’s Marketplace Morning Report.

When she’s not reporting, she’s probably outside hiking, kayaking, fishing, berry picking or cross-country skiing, depending on the season.


Nancy Larson was reported missing to Dillingham Police on Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon, a group of searchers found her safe in the residence of an acquaintance.

Dennis Villanez

When the F/V Kristi lost power on Saturday in the Nushagak District, the tide pushed it between two much larger ships, where it lodged on a Yokohama fender. The Kristi sank, and the captain and crew escaped with seconds to spare.


Mike Davis

Fishermen in the Naknek River hauled in over a half million fish yesterday, and all three Nushagak District rivers have now hit their escapement goal midrange. 

Bruce Ilutsik

The Nushagak District has topped it's preseason forecast by almost a million sockeye!

Mitch Borden/KDLG

The Ugashik River's run is coming in weak and likely lower than forecasted, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  The rivers in the Nushagak District,  however, are all on their way to hitting their midpoint escapement. When that happens, ADF&G could wave the 48-hour waiting period to transfer to the district.

Mitch Borden/KDLG

When will the run to Bristol Bay start tailing off? Fisheries researcher Scott Raborn has some thoughts.

Mitch Borden/KDLG

The Kvichak River is likely coming in below forecast. The Naknek River Special Harvest Area will open tonight, and drift boats from the district will have the opportunity to fish exclusively Naknek salmon. ADF&G hopes that, with the larger district closed, enough sockeye will make it up the Kvichak River to meet the escapement goal.

Austin Fast/KDLG

Kvichak River escapement is in a better position this afternoon than yesterday, but will it be enough to keep the Naknek-Kvichak District open?

Jeff Bringhurst

The Kvichak River is underperforming, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is considering more conservation measures to boost escapement.  

Bruce Ilutsik

Happy Independence Day, Bristol Bay! The Wood River posted another huge escapement on Tuesday, but not all is well in area fisheries. On the Alaska Peninsula, villages near the Chignik River are asking for help from the Alaska Board of Fisheries and the Governor as they struggle with apparent run failure.

Mike Davis

The Wood River set a new escapement record Monday that is nearly twice as high as the previous record, which was set in 1983. In Egegik, ADF&G is switching the fleet to fishing the morning tide in hopes of allowing more sockeye to make it up river to spawn.


The Nushagak District broke a record!

Avery Lill/KDLG

On Friday, Governor Walker’s office asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to suspend the Environmental Impact Statement process for the proposed Pebble Mine.



Caitlin Tan/KDLG

For only the third time since this fishery began in 1884, yesterday the Nushagak District hauled in more than a million sockeye!

Austin Fast/KDLG

Sloppy weather is making for rough fishing. Still, the Nushagak District hauled in 740,000 sockeye yesterday, and catches ticked up in the Egegik District as well.