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Pebble Mine

Senator Murkowski Asks for Pebble Mine Plan

The Pebble Partnership said in June that it wants to finalize its mine plan this year and begin long permitting process with state and federal agencies.  They said the same thing 9 years ago in 2004 and repeated it on an almost annual basis leading up to this year.

Senator Lisa Murkowski has stated that she wants the Pebble process to be allowed to play out and avoid any preemptive action by the EPA.

She’s apparently waited long enough and says now that the time has come for a full mine plan and a strict schedule. 

In a letter to Pebble’s top executives, she says the company’s failure to give details and stick to a timeline has had the effect of allowing speculation and conjecture to rule.  She says it’s caused anxiety, confusion, and frustration within Southwest Alaska communities. 

She says speaking with clarity and certainly about the project is in the best interest for the companies—and those who would be affected by the mine.

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