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Rapala Lends Support to RRC Against Pebble Mine

"It's pretty great to have them come onboard with us," said Renewable Resources Coalition Executive Director Anders Gustafson.

Rapala, which bills itself as the world's leading manufacturer of fishing lures, is lending support to the Renewable Resources Coalition in the campaign to stop development of the proposed Pebble mine.

"They've given us their outright support, and let us use their images, their name, and their brand in our efforts to reach out and get new people interested in what we're trying to save," said Gustafson.

Rapala manufactures approximately 20 million fishing lures each year, including the popular Blue Fox Pixie spoons and Vibrax lures that many who've fished in Alaska are familiar with. 

For Gustafson, Rapala represents a broadening of the base of support against the Pebble mine.

"We've moved from beyond the fly-fishing realm to the hardware companies that actually use these metals and minerals in their products," said Gustafson. "They understand that Bristol Bay is a special place and deserves special protection."

Last month the fly-fishing retailer Orvis pledged to match up to $50,000 in customer donations to Trout Unlimited and the "Stop Pebble Mine" campaign.