Izembek National Wildlife Refuge

Alaska's senior U.S. Senator used a committee hearing Thursday to once again to call for the Department of the Interior to reverse a decision that has killed the planned road to connect King Cove and Cold Bay. KDLG's Mike Mason has the details.

Mike Mason

The new addition to the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus in Dillingham was officially unveiled to the public on Thursday during an open house. KDLG's Mike Mason looked around and filed this report.

Marsik House a World Record?

Mar 7, 2013
Dave Bendinger

An attempt was made Wednesday in Dillingham to set a new world record.  Husband and wife Tom Marsik and Kristin Donaldson believe they have built the most airtight house on the planet, and KDLG's Dave Bendinger stopped by as they prepared to test that theory.

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay

An organization formed to advocate for the commercial fishing industry in Bristol Bay has sent a letter to President Obama asking him to ensure that the EPA quickly wraps up its work to finalize the "Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment".


One seafood plant will close and another will open in the near future in the Aleutians Islands.

Marie Nash Inducted to Alaska Women's Hall of Fame

Mar 7, 2013

Marie Matsuno Nash, 70, originally of Ugashik, was inducted along with 14 others to the Alaska Women's Hall of Fame during a ceremony on February 28th . Since 2009, the Alaska Women's Hall of Fame has been honoring women whose life contributions have helped shape the state through its history, including Elizabeth Peratrovich, Mary Louise Rasmuson, Sarah Palin, Lisa Murkowski. Nash's induction was a recognition of her achievements advocating for human rights during more than four decades working around state and federal government. 

KDLG's Dave Bendinger has more:

A new forecast anticipates that construction spending this year will be up about 8-percent compared to last year.

Lawmakers on both side of the isle used their press conferences this week to discuss the pro's and con's of the current 90-day limit on the length of Legislative sessions in Juneau. KDLG's Mike Mason has been following the work of the legislature and filed this report.

During their just completed Area M meeting the Alaska Board of Fisheries considered some changes to the amount of gear that fishermen can use in the Northern District of the Alaska Peninsula. One of the proposals that generated a lot of discussion sought to limit the depth of gear. KDLG's Mike Mason has the details.

Alaska Legislature

Alaska lawmakers past and present have been celebrating the long history of the Alaska Legislature for the last few days. On the last day of the celebration many of those lawmakers discussed the Legislatures accomplishments and failures. KDLG's Mike Mason listened in and filed this report.

Dillingham Fire Deptartment February report

Mar 5, 2013

The Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad released a report detailing their activity for the month of February.

John Fulton New Bristol Bay Borough Manager

Mar 5, 2013

The Bristol Bay Borough has a new manager at the helm, and a list of projects on the schedule for this year's construction season. 


$20,000 Worth of Oxycodone Pills Seized

Mar 5, 2013
Be.futureproof /

The Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team intercepted a shipment of oxycodone pills destined for Dillingham late last week. The 100 pills seized carry a local street value of about $20,000.  Jose and Jerilyn Sanchez have been arrested; authorities say the couple was targeting the Beaver Round-Up festivities to distribute the dangerous narcotics.  KDLG's Dave Bendinger reports.

Every year the issue of education funding is one of the most talked about topics in the Alaska Legislature. As KDLG's Mike Mason reports... this year is no exception.

Icicle’s Adak Plant To Take Summer Hiatus

Mar 5, 2013

Icicle Seafoods’ Adak plant won’t be processing fish this summer.