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KDLG heard from the people running for mayor ahead of Dillingham's Oct. 5 election. Absentee and early voting is underway through Oct. 4. Polls are open from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. on Oct. 5 at Dillingham City Hall.

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A 53-year-old Missouri man was sentenced in federal court Friday, after he pleaded guilty to tax evasion and admitted to engaging in a multi-million-dollar scheme to defraud customers, including the Village of Igiugig.

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Two seats are open on both the Borough Assembly and school board. Mary Swain and Clyde E. Clark will run again for assembly. School board president Michael Swain and board member Olaf O’Domin also return to the ballot.

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The medical chief of staff and the CEO of the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation say that individuals have a role in keeping their communities safe during the current outbreak of COVID-19 around the state.

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“My mom was saying that the moose probably are timing us: ‘These guys come at 7 o’clock every morning and then again at 6 p.m.’ So they probably go into the woods and hide until they know we’ve left,” said Mindy Heyano, who got a moose early in the season.

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Public health staff in Dillingham say case counts may be steadying because people are generally following health and safety guidelines after travel -- but household visits between community members may still be spreading the virus.

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The master of the 61-foot tug Jackie M decided to push the barge, Skip I, back up on the beach and position the tug against it Monday night, so the crew could untangle the propeller at low tide.

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BBAHC said Thursday that it logged 83 COVID-19 cases within the previous week. The state has reported 108 cases in the Bristol Bay region since the beginning of the month. 

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The state announced the death in a news release on Friday.

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For years, residents have struggled to earn a living fishing and to put up enough fish for the winter. They worry their villages will disappear if the low runs persist, taking with them a fishing tradition that connects their families to the region. 

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The announcement is the latest development in a policy flip-flop between presidential administrations that spans years. If finalized this time, it would provide long-term protections to the Bristol Bay waters. 

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Health aides will talk to patients on the phone to determine if an in-person visit is necessary. People who have in-person appointments must get tested for COVID-19, and health aides will wear full personal protective equipment when seeing patients. 

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The people who have tested positive are all currently in 10-day isolation periods, Dillingham Public Health said Friday.

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At least a dozen volunteers showed up to pack computers, microwaves, copiers and more. The pallets were stuffed into two storage containers and sent to Tacoma, Washington to be recycled and repurposed. 



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BBAHC says after patients’ initial appointment by phone, the provider will determine if an in-person visit is necessary.