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The NN Cannery in Naknek was in operation almost continuously from 1895 until 2015. In early October, 19 students at Bristol Bay High School took part in a digital workshop to document stories of the people who worked there.


Fall moose hunt below average in GMUs 17B and C

Oct 18, 2018
Jordan Claar

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is still waiting on hunt reports for the fall moose hunt in game management units 17 B and C. So far, 134 moose have been reported harvested. 

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On Thursday, Tribal Police Officers seized $32,000 of alcohol before it was smuggled into the dry village. Seven gallons were concealed in apple juice containers. 

Garret Moses, 26, was arrested Wednesday evening for allegedly trespassing on a Dillingham residence. Police said he was in possession of approximately three grams of methamphetamine.

The City of Dillingham will not place an additional tax on marijuana – for now. 

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The Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators presented Barrett with the award at a banquet on Wednesday. Seward Harbormaster Norm Regis was also honored with the award. 

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While campaigning in Dillingham in September, Democratic candidate Mark Begich and incumbent Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott talked about their focus as the midterms approach.

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In September, the Bristol Bay Native Association passed a resolution, asking BBNC to reconsider its neutrality on Yes for Salmon's ballot initiative. BBNC considered the resolution in October and will remain neutral.




This summer, the City of Dillingham moved the fish waste bin inside an enclosure by the landfill and limited hours of access in an effort to deter bears from feasting on salmon remains. And it worked.

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Fishing opens for Bristol Bay red king crab, Bering Sea snow crab and Bering Sea tanner crab on Oct. 15. The snow crab population is on the rise, while red king crab and tanner crab are declining.

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It was a rollercoaster salmon season around Bristol Bay this summer. West side districts saw their largest sockeye runs on record. East side districts saw their latest red runs on record. In the end, every river in the bay made its escapement goal.

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The exvessel value per permit has been over $100,000 for the past 10 years in the Chignik Management Area. This year, the entire fishery brought in $3000, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's season summary.

The sale of PenAir’s assets to the same company that owns Ravn Air Group has been approved. At a hearing today in Anchorage, Judge Gary Spraker approved J. F. Lehman & Company’s bid to buy Peninsula Airway’s assets for $12.3 million . The attorney for the trustee overseeing the sale said that the buyer confirmed the deal will likely take between one and three months to finalize.

PenAir is a regional air carrier that serves primarily Bristol Bay and the Aleutian-Pribilof region. It has been undergoing bankruptcy proceedings since August 2017.

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The Cross-Country State Championship drew athletes from across Alaska on September 29, and 16 students from Bristol Bay area schools represented the region.

After a seven-day trial in Dillingham, a jury found Samuel Nicketa, 37, guilty of sexual abuse of a minor in the second degree.