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Bristol Bay saw it’s largest run on record in 2021. As of July 22, 64.2 million sockeye had returned to the bay. As salmon swim upriver to return to their spawning grounds, biologists track numbers to balance conservation with commercial fishing.

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One case was reported in the City of Dillingham, and eight were reported in unspecified communities, according to the state COVID-19 dashboard.



Alaska Wild River Guides

Fly fishing season is in full swing in Bristol Bay. Guided groups flocked to the rivers and lakes this summer after a year-long pandemic hiatus. While there may be plenty of tourists, the fish didn’t show last week.

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The goal is to identify primary areas of contamination. That could include any space where firefighting foam was used, for instance, in accidents, emergency situations or training activities. In the past, the state did not require records of these situations.


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For the first time, the federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a Tribal research coordinator. NOAA is a key federal leader of environmental research. Those involved say the new position is a step toward better representation for Alaska’s Indigenous communities. 

BBRSDA Waypoints

Jul 22, 2021

BBRSDA’s Executive Director Andy Wink is joined by Marketing Director Lilani Dunn and Board President Michael Jackson to give an overview of BBRSDA.

Two people killed in hit-and-run incident in Naknek

Jul 21, 2021
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Bristol Bay Borough police have located the vehicle, driver, and passengers involved, all of whom cooperated, according to Chief Officer John Rhysheck. The investigation is ongoing. 

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The 2021 run broke 2018's record of 62.9 million sockeye, and it's the fourth time since 1952 that the run surpassed 60 million salmon. 



Over $30 million was originally included in this year’s state budget for the program, which helps lower rural energy costs for tens of thousands of Alaskans. Then, the funding was taken away in a “budget sweep”. The lawsuit argues that sweep is unconstitutional.


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Fishermen have observed changes in ocean ecosystems for years. But, there was no one place to record those observations. This summer, a new mobile app will gather observations from commercial fishermen on the water to bridge the gap between what they see, and what scientists need to know.

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Peter Pan set an initial base price of $1.10 in June, before fishing began. The company upped the price to $1.25 to stay competitive with other processors, according to its Bristol Bay manager.

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Emergency Order 3.0 lists recommendations like social distancing, getting vaccinated and tracking temperature checks. 


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OBI's base price is $0.15 higher than the price Peter Pan announced before fishing started in June. 


BBRSDA Waypoints

Jul 15, 2021

The fourth episode of Waypoints Radio features a discussion with UAF’s Curry Cunningham and UW’s Ray Hilborn and Daniel Schindler about research activities going on in Bristol Bay.

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The otter was spotted in the harbor, near LFS. When ADF&G captured the otter, it was covered in porcupine quills which is abnormal. Three cases of rabies have been reported in Dillingham foxes this spring.