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Manager's Corner: The 2020 project playlist

KDLG/Isabelle Ross

2020 will be a big year for Dillingham, as a bunch of projects are set to launch this spring. Tod Larson stopped by for the Manager’s Corner to talk about what residents can expect going into construction season.

Tyler Thompson: Alrighty everybody, we are back with another edition of Manager’s Corner. I’m Tyler Thompson. I’m sitting here with city manager Tod Larson. We’ve got some information on the downtown streets projects, looks like JJC will be the construction company working on that?

Tod Larson: Yeah they’re a local guy, local company, I was happy to see they got the three contracts, low bidders on the state job, paving job and water job. Talking with Chris Meng, they’re busy getting everything busy, getting the supplies on the first barge. First thing they will demolish is the hotel. Once that starts going down things are going to happen pretty quick.

Thompson: That was kind of the new thing from last time that we talked. So that’s going to go down in the spring?

Larson: That’ll be the first thing he does. 

Thompson: So, the Lagoon aeration project. I know we talked about this a little bit before, but request proposals are going to go out this spring?

Larson: We’re getting pretty close. Our city planner Cynthia, is working on getting that project out for bid. Just a reminder on that one we received a $355,000 subsidy from the state of Alaska which with this current climate is pretty great.

Thompson: You have a PSA here about all the construction happening this summer and letting folks know it’s probably going to be pretty crazy.

Larson: Chris is going to work out a traffic plan. People need to get to work, the store, etc. Chris is working hard on a traffic plan to insure that. We are want to ask for peoples’ patience. The outcome at the end will be wonderful. This will be a great change in the city and have a whole different feel. It’s definitely needed from the roads before.

Thompson: So it looks like McDowell Group is returning for another public meeting?

Larson: We want them to do one more meeting. We’re trying to get some specific people there. February 11 is looking like the date. One of the areas we really need assistance in, is if we could get some of the local fishermen to come down and talk to us and the designers. So if you’re a fishermen out there, it’d be great if you could come down and check it out.

Thompson: Next thing I wanted to talk about, some new revenues for the city, a new online sales tax?

Larson: That was a Supreme Court case with Wayfare and South Dakota summer before last. Basically, you have these corporations like a Walmart or Amazon they’re selling online, we all order some of the stuff online but there’s no sales tax there that helps the city. Bottom line with this is, we put a resolution in and the Alaska municipal league is running a commission. They will collect the sales tax for the city of Dillingham and remit it. That will kind of replace some of our declining revenues in that area. We are looking at three or four months before ordinances will be reay.

Thompson: So that will go into the general fund that the city has?

Larson: Yes. It pays for all the projects we’ve talked about. It will be put to good use.

Thompson: Is there anything else you wanted to touch on with some of these projects that we didn’t go over?

Larson: Nothing I can think of right now. I wanted to come in and do a quick update. We want to keep doing these things, we’ll probably do them more frequently coming this spring as things start changing and everyone can tune in and listen to see what’s the latest. Thanks for having me here today.

Thompson: Looks like everything is on track. Thanks Tod. Thank you for coming down.

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