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Aleknagik's Wood River bridge now 75% complete

Hannah Colton/KDLG

The last of 20 steel beams was put in place Monday for the skeleton of the 440-foot bridge connecting the south and north shores of Aleknagik. 

As of this morning, construction on the $19-million dollar Wood River bridge is 75% complete. That’s according to project manager Tim Hutton. He says the last piece of the bridge’s steel skeleton was set today, which is a highlight of construction for him.

"Erection week is the best week," Hutton said. "Putting the girders up I always find to be the best. Yeah, the best, absolutely - That and when you’re finished, right?"

The project won’t be finished until fall. But Hutton says there’s good news this week for fishing boats hoping to use the Wood River.

"So the fishing boats who passed under last year haven’t been able to go under this year because of the high water. However, high water’s going down, and today we have 17.5 feet of clearance. So any boat that can take its antennas down, and be less than 17 feet, can pass under the temporary bridge at this point."

With this week’s sunny forecast, Hutton says, he expects the water level will continue to go down in the coming days. 

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