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Dillingham cross-country celebrates end of not-so-normal season

KDLG/Brian Venua

The Dillingham Middle-High School held an award ceremony in the school parking lot. Athletes were greeted by a large, socially-distanced crowd to celebrate another season. 

Dillingham Middle-High School celebrated the end of a not-so-normal cross-country season this week. Over 30 people attended an awards ceremony in the school parking lot Tuesday, socially-distanced from each other.

COVID-19 kept the teams from travelling this year, but they competed with the Southwest Region School District in virtual races. Demetry Hoseth finished in first place at regionals with an average time of 18.04 seconds. That time qualifies him for states.

Despite this year’s restrictions, Hoseth says team spirit was high.

“Wasn’t easy not being able to compete," he said. "Usually your times get faster when you compete. Our coaches kept us prepared as if we were traveling the next day, they trained us like it’s a regular season. When we go to cross-country practice, it’s very good vibes, everyone was happy, like it’s good to be socializing. But the season went great, I’m a little disappointed I don’t get to compete at state this year, but I’m going to keep my head up and be ready for the next season.”

Credit KDLG/Brian Venua
Demetry Hoseth qualified for state's, but will not be able to travel due to COVID-19.

Hoseth also said he was grateful to coaches Amanda Luiten and Erica Tweet for the season. The midde school boys 

Sophomore Paris Johnson is one of two high school girls who raced this year. Johnson said she met all her personal goals this season and was happy to bond with the team.


“We have lots of energy and it’s just fun to be around everybody and being able to actually have practice was great,” she said.

THOMPSON: “Anything else about the season that was memorable to ya?”

“Wolverines on three! Wolverines!” Johnson shouted, before responding, “We had team dinner one night and we had squirt gun fights and then they brought buckets of water out, and we dumped buckets of water all over people. Then coach dumped Tang all over Demetry.”

Johnson and her teammate, Laci Andrew, finished just outside the top five at regionals. Dillingham’s middle school girls’ team took three of the top five finishes at regionals. Hailey Williams finished in first, followed by

Credit KDLG/Brian Venua
Paris Johnson poses with the Dillingham Wolverine.

Kaylen Clouse in third, team captain Gisa Reigh in fourth and Anne Tucker in fifth.

Reigh and Williams also weighed in on the season.


Credit KDLG/Brian Venua
Team Captain Gisa Reigh receiving the sportsmanship award for the middle school teams.

REIGH: “It was crazy trying to stay apart but I think we did it right.

THOMPSON: “Are you guys looking forward to next year?”

WILLIAMS: “Yes I am looking forward to next year I can’t wait. Gisa will be gone though, so I don’t have to worry about her anymore," she laughed.

REIGH: “We had some really good times, so I’m excited to see what happens next.”

Reigh also won the sportsmanship award for middle school teams, and she will compete as a high school freshman next year. Williams will run for one more year in the middle school team. Zach Kolbe won the sportsmanship award for the high school teams.

The middle school boys team also swept the races at regionals, taking all five places for the region. Season results below, courtesy of Dillingham Middle-High School. 

Credit Courtesy of the Dillingham Middle-High School

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