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Close games abound at the basketball tournament in Dillingham and Alekgnagik

Kevin Tennyson

Congratulations to all the teams who competed in the basketball tournaments in Dillingham and Aleknagik this weekend!

The Round Robin basketball tournament wrapped up on Saturday, and it was a good weekend for Wolverine basketball – both the Dillingham girls and boys teams went undefeated. Teams from Bristol Bay, Port Alsworth and Manakotak, as well as Togiak’s Junior Varsity girls team, competed in the tournament. The tournament featured some very close games.

Manokotak girls won the first game against the Bristol Bay Angels with a final score of 47 to 40. In the second game, Manokotak boys took on Bristol Bay boys. Bristol Bay won the day 68 to 48. 

In another girls’ game, Port Alsworth’s Tanalian Lynx faced off against the Wolverines. The Wolverines won with a strong lead, 50 to 22.

Thursday's final match featured Wolverine boys versus Tanalian Lynx. Dillingham clinched a win, 57 to 52.

Credit Kevin Tennyson

The closest game of the tournament took place on Friday night between the Bristol Bay and Dillingham boys. In the last second of the game, senior Dillon Chaney made a shot that boosted Dillinghame to a one-point win – the final score was 60 to 61. Dillingham girls won against the Bristol Bay Angels 51 to 39.

Port Alsworth girls and boys also won their Friday games against Manokotak; the girls won 41 to 33 and the boys won 79 to 36.

Commentator Mike Larson caught up with Tanalian Lynx Trevor McGee after Friday's game.

On Saturday, Port Alsworth boys won against the Bristol Bay Angels 66 to 52. Both Wolverines teams cinched their final wins with strong leads against Manokotak; the boys won 71 to 36 and the girls won 51 to 28.

In a tighter finish, Bristol Bay girls beat Port Alsworth by three points, 39 to 36. 

The tournament wrapped up with the Togiak JV girls’ second win against Dillingham, 53 to 35.

Thursday Jan. 17

Girls: Bristol Bay 40 vs. Manakotak 47

Boys: Bristol Bay 68 vs. Manakotak 48

Girls: Port Alsworth 22 vs. Dillingham 50

Boys: Port Alsworth 52 vs. Dillingham 57

Friday Jan. 18

JV Girls: Togiak 65 vs Dillingham 23

Boys: Manakotak 36 vs. Port Alsworth 79

Girls: Manakotak 33 vs. Port Alsworth 41

Boys: Bristol Bay 60 vs. Dillingham 61

Girls: Bristol Bay 39 vs. Dillingham 51

Saturday Jan. 19

Girls: Port Alsworth 36 vs. Bristol Bay 39

Boys: Port Alsworth 66 vs. Bristol Bay 52

Girls: Manakotak 28 vs. Dillingham 51

Boys:  Manakotak 36 vs. Dillingham 71

JV Girls: Togiak 53 vs. Dillingham 35  

Credit Bruce Ilutsik

Aleknagik also hosted a boy’s basketball tournament this weekend. The Aleknagik Lakers have a boy’s high school basketball team for the first time since 1987. Their five players range in age from eighth to 11th grade. This tournament was their first of the season.

"They are looking really good," said coach Allen Ilutsik. "We're just going to continue our practice, and just hopefully they can step up their game. We're just hoping and wanting to play as many games as possible."

Teams from three other schools participated in the tournament.

Credit Bruce Ilutsik

Game 1: Aleknagik (65) vs. Dillingham JV (37)

Game 2: Koliganek (73) vs. Togiak (59)

Game 3: Dillingham JV (52) vs. Koliganek (51)

Game 4: Alekgnagik (60) vs. Togiak (55)

Game 5: Dillingham JV (72) vs. Togiak (60)

Game 6: Alekgnagik (54) vs. Koliganek (50)

Thank you to all the donors and volunteers  who made it possible to bring this year’s games to fans around the region. Contact the author at 907-842-2200.