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BOF Bristol Bay Day 6 Recap

Kevin McCambly and Gus Grossi join KDLG's Dave Bendinger and Molly Dischner to discuss the day's events.

The Board of Fish deliberated on Group 3 proposals Monday, eventually casting votes on all of them. The board gave its support to creating a new fishery in the Alagnak River for the benefit of a new processing plant in Levelock, provided that BBEDC helps fund tower counting costs for at least three years.

As to settling disputes between commercial fishing boundaries and the erosion of historical set net sites, the board kicked the proverbial can down the road, calling for a committee with the Departments of Law and Natural Resources to help develop appropriate BOF policy for these decisions now and in the future.

At the end of the day, proposed changes to the Wood River Special Harvest Area were adopted, but ... which ones?  Unanimous board support for RC 145, amended to include both times the WRSHA can be opened, seemed to be contradicted by unanimous board opposition to proposal 69, leaving a lot of head scratching and "hub bub" in the conference room after the board went off record. 

Our guests tonight, Combine set netter Kevin McCambly, and Graveyard Point set netter Agostino Grossi, help us break it down.

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