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Atka Pride Seafoods Plant on Atka Island Will Open Next Month


One seafood plant will close and another will open in the near future in the Aleutians Islands. Recently Icicle Seafoods announced that their seafood processing plant on Adak Island will be shut down over the summer. However, the Atka Pride Seafood's plant on Atka Island will apparently open next month to coincide with the seasonal closing of the Icicle plant.

The Atka Pride plant is owned by the Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association and the Atka Fishermen's Association. APICDA is one of the Community Development Quota organizations that serves residents of Southwest and Western Alaska. Atka Pride Seafood's was created in the mid-90's and the plant on Atka Island processes halibut, sablefish, and cod. The plant has seen some major improvements in recent year's including a $4-million dollar expansion a couple of years ago and a new $1.5-million dollar dock that came online last year. Reportedly additional improvements are on the way including new bunkhouses and expanded storage space. Atka Island is located over 300-miles west of Dutch Harbor.