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Governor Parnell Signed Resolution on Behalf of King Cove

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Last week, Governor Sean Parnell signed a legislative resolution requesting US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to reconsider her decision to reject the construction of a road from King Cove to Cold Bay.

The weather conditions on Friday in the King Cove region weren’t ideal for a landing.  So Governor Parnell’s plane landed in Cold Bay’s all weather airport on Friday.  After waiting it out, the weather cleared enough for Parnell to fly out to King Cove. 

That situation is exactly what residents of King Cove are afraid of-- inclement weather preventing planes from taking off or landing from their airport.  However, the real concern is if someone were hurt and needed to be medivacked quickly. 

The proposed 11 mile road would connect King Cove to the all-weather airport in Cold Bay.  However, US Interior Secretary Jewell rejected the proposal because she believes it would be detrimental to the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge and the animals that inhabit it. 

Spokesperson for the King Cove Corporation Della Trumble says having the support of the Governor is very helpful.

“He signed a resolution asking the Secretary of Interior to reconsider her decision on the road between King Cove and Cold bay. We are very grateful and thankful for him doing that. This issue remains a high priority for this community and the state support on this has been very helpful and very thankful for their continued support.”

She says Jewell needs to think of the effects not approving this road could have on the state as a whole.

“This is an issue of life and death basically and the wildlife, I think, should not be taking priority of that matter.”

Trumble says the King Cove Corporation will continue with its lawsuit filed in June but she’s not sure what is next for the community.

“I think we just continue doing whatever we can to make sure that she’s aware that this issue will never go away. We will keep reminding her how important it is.”

Parnell’s resolution asks the federal government and Jewell to reverse the decision and allow the residents of King Cove to have road access to the all-weather Cold Bay airport for health and safety reasons.