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Dillingham's municipal election is on Oct. 4. KDLG is hearing from candidates about why they are running and what they want to focus on in office.

Dillingham Elections 2022: School board candidate Dianna Schollmeier

Dianna Schollmeier is running for Dillingham School Board Seat A.
Courtesy of Dianna Schollmeier.
Dianna Schollmeier is running for Dillingham School Board Seat A.

Candidate Dianna Schollmeier is up for the only open school board seat alongside incumbent Heather Savo.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Dianna Schollmeier: My name is Dianna Schollmeier, and I work with Southwest Region School District in the title one specialist position. And I am running for school board Seat A.

Izzy Ross: Why did you decide to run for school board this election cycle?

Schollmeier: Being on the school board is something I've always wanted to be part of, and this is the first year that I've had the time and the opportunity to run. And so it was just good timing for me and it was the only seat that was open.

Ross: You've worked in education in Bristol Bay. What are some of the issues that you would like to tackle if you were elected to the school board?

Schollmeier: I don't have a specific issue that I am focused on. I'm focused on being a team member. I can bring a broad background of experience and knowledge. I'm a visionary. I hope to ask some good questions and do my homework. And I just consistently believe that all students can learn and that all schools can teach children.

Ross: Dillingham City Schools has dealt with several issues in the past year. Among them quite a large turnover of staff last spring, and new employees coming in for this academic year. Many community members are aware of the housing issues. I'm curious to hear what you think about teacher retention and employee retention. And then also some of the ways that the school board might be able to assist the district with addressing that?

Schollmeier: So the housing shortage is not just a localized problem. The housing shortage is a problem across Alaska, across the region, with the way our economy is right now. I think that the school board and the administration team are trying to do their best and going in the right direction with looking for grants to try to help this problem. So if I was to be elected to the school board, I would hope that I could also be a team player and plan to try to curb our teacher housing problem and thus get teachers to stay and reduce the teacher turnover rate.

Ross: I really appreciate you taking a few minutes to talk today. Thank you so much for the time.

Schollmeier: Thank you for the opportunity.

Read more about how to vote on the City of Dillingham's website.

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Izzy Ross is the news director at KDLG, the NPR member station in Dillingham. She reports, edits, and hosts stories from around the Bristol Bay region, and collaborates with other radio stations across the state.
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