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MAP school still taking applications for fall enrollment

The school, which combines work experience with academics, requires an application and interview. 

The Maximum Achievement Program at Dillingham City Schools is taking applications now for fall enrollment. MAP is an alternative high school serving students in Dillingham and surrounding communities.  Secretary and registrar Ruthie Schoder Eerie recommends interested students begin applying as soon as possible.

"The MAP school actually requires an application process, which is different than filling out a form and showing up at school the next day. We like to make sure the school's a good fit for our students, and we want to make sure our students are a good fit for our school," explains Schoder-Eerie. "So it involves a fairly lengthy written application by the student and a parent or guardian if the student's under 18, and an interview process. But we try to make that as easy as possible."

The MAP school accepts students who are a little older, who prefer to work while going to school, or are looking for something different than the traditional classroom. The school is based on six week terms, rather than semesters, and focuses on a combination of academics, work skills, and social skills. 

"We provide, and have provided for the last ten years, a way for a high school student to combine work experience - half day every day, for credit - and their academic requirements, at their own pace, in a place that's comfortable, welcoming, and very supportive, while being accountable at the same time," says Schoder-Eerie. 

The application packets can be picked up at the central office or at the MAP school.