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Dillingham Fire Dept. pickup stolen for joyride Wednesday


Police arrest two teenage fishermen from Eagle River for allegedly taking pickup truck to drive "brodies" out in the Waskey Road gravel pit.

Dillingham Police arrested a pair of teenage boys accused of taking the Volunteer Fire Dept. pickup truck on a joyride Wednesday night.

KDLG:  On Wednesday night a volunteer fire fighter noticed someone driving away with the white pickup truck that is normally parked at the downtown fire station. That triggered a response by police, a state trooper, and a handful of firefighters not happy to see a truck supporting their busy efforts stolen.  

It happened just after 10 p.m. Wednesday, and not long after one of the volunteers found the truck in the gravel pit off Waskey Road near the landfill.  

The two boys were driving what are best known "brodies" around the pit, and when discovered, ran off into the woods where they hid for about an hour.

Law enforcement set up a perimeter, assuming the two would emerge from the buggy, bear-infested woods near the town’s fish bin, but they did not. Rather, the two out-of-towners contacted a young woman they had recently met to come pick them up.

Dillingham Police Chief Dan Pasquariello said the woman agreed to cooperate with officers, who then pulled a strategic distance away from the pit. 

The boys came out of the woods and climbed into the woman's car. She was stopped by police a short distance down the road and officers found the teenagers hiding in the trunk.

Arrested were 19-year-old Tevin Cormier and 18-year-old Dawson Porter, both listed as fishermen from Eagle River.

According to police the boys had not been drinking, but said they had just been bored and looking for something to do.

They were charged with fifth degree criminal mischief and released on their own recognizance.

Police say the truck was returned with no damage. The keys had been left in the ignition prior to the borrowing, a common practice chief Pasquariello warns is a bad one. or 907-842-5281.