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Johnson arrested on burglary, assault charges

KDLG: Dillingham police arrested a young man on charges of assault, robbery, and criminal mischief this week.

The new charges add to a growing criminal history for Reece Johnson, 22, who last year was accused of shooting his friend in the back and also helping steal more than a dozen firearms from an area home.  

Police were notified of this recent incident around 11:00 p.m. Saturday. Witnesses at the Einhellig residence reported that Johnson had broken the back door of the house and damaged other property, had fought with people in the entryway of the home, punched at least one person in the chin, and may have waved a gun around threateningly. Johnson allegedly made reference to the shooting of Isiah Thompson while he reached under his hoody for a supposed gun in a threatening way.

Police did not say whether they believe he was actually armed, but charged Johnson with four counts of assault, one count of criminal mischief for damaging property, and first degree burglary. He was arrested Tuesday, arraigned Wednesday, and ordered held on $2000 bail. He will also need a court-approved third party custodian to be released.

Johnson was arrested lay May after he allegedly shot his friend in the back late one night in HUD housing. The victim survived but was permanently injured. Johnson pleaded that case down and served time till September. Shortly after his release last fall he was involved in the theft of more than a dozen firearms from a local residence while the owner was away. He was eventually caught and pleaded that case down too, and is still on probation from that conviction. In 2014, he was accused of burglary and theft, charges he also pleaded guilty to.

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