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Dillingham woman arrested for dealing heroin

Darcie Clark, 33, busted after selling two doses of heroin to a confidential informant Saturday evening.

DILLINGHAM: A woman was arrested over the weekend after selling two one-tenth gram doses of heroin to a confidential informant in what authorities called a “controlled purchase.”

Darcie Clark, 33, made the sale around 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening, charging the informant $200 total for the two doses.

Four Dillingham police officers and two Alaska state troopers were in on the investigation and the controlled purchase, which led to Clark’s arrest. Authorities said she was also in possession of one methadone pill.

Clark was booked on three drug-related charges, two for possession and one for the sale of a class 1A controlled substance. The latter is a class A felony offense.

Magistrate Judge Tina Reigh set bail at $15,000 cash at Clark’s arraignment Sunday.

DPD Chief Dan Pasquariello credited citizens who have been calling in tips about illegal drug activities for helping make the bust.