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DLG Police Chief Tases Suspect During Arrest; Crystal, Petla Noden in Custody

Chief Pasquariello was attacked while arresting Crystal Noden, 31, for violating the conditions of her release. Noden's brother Petla was tased.

DILLINGHAM:     Last week, Crystal Dawn Noden, 31, of Dillingham was arrested at the Forest View Apartments for indecent exposure. At her arraignment Thursday, the magistrate released Noden on no bail but put strict conditions that she not drink or be around any alcohol. In court, Noden promised to obey those terms.

She didn't.

On Saturday morning Dillingham police chief Dan Pasquariello found Noden heavily intoxicated at an apartment full of other people drinking. He was called to the scene on a report of an assault. 

Noden fled on foot when Pasquariello arrived. He caught her at the fence to the Forest View Apartments. She struggled against his attempts to handcuff her, and tried to squirm under the fence.

Just as Pasquariello, alone on the scene, got Crystal Noden handcuffed, her brother Petla attacked him from behind.

The chief found himself in a physical struggle with both Nodens. Petla, yelling wildly, had his arm cocked back to deliver punches. Crystal, still handcuffed, was throwing her body into him.

Gabe Andrew came from a nearby an apartment to help. Andrew held Petla's arms back, and Pasquariello, who only had one set of handcuffs, radioed for backup. 

In his official report, Pasquariello called it a dangerous situation. He said it was all he could do to keep Petla subdued, so he gave the key to Crystal's handcuffs to Gabe Andrew, and asked him to free one side so he could handcuff both Nodens together.

Andrew wasn't able to work the lock while Crystal struggled in the cuffs. Pasquariello said he then released Petla long enough to draw his taser from the holster. He ordered Petla get on the ground; when Petla refused, Pasquariello tased him.

Crystal Noden, still handcuffed, rushed to her brother's side, pulled the taser prongs out of Petla, and even put one in her own leg.

That gesture made it easy for Pasquariello to get them handcuffed together.

Sgt. Tuckwood of the Alaska State Troopers arrived soon after and helped finish making the arrests.

In jail, Crystal Noden's violent outburst continued, according to police. She tried to smash her way out of the jail cell's window. At one point she slammed her body so hard into the cell wall that she had to be hospitalized for the resulting swollen forehead.

Petla Noden was charged with assault in the fourth degree and two counts of interfering with arrest.

Crystal Noden was also charged with two counts of resisting arrest, and is facing a third charge for violating the conditions of her release. This was Crystal Noden's third arrest since September 1st.

Judge Douglass presided over the arraignment and set bail at $2500 on both Nodens.